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Discover Wix Studio, our new web creation platform designed for agencies and freelancers.

Join our Partner Program

Earn points for every client website you create and unlock exclusive benefits to scale your business.

Image of agency professionals and speaker company’s website.

Create a seamless client experience

Get Feedback

Streamline the approval process by sharing a private link to your in-progress work. Clients can leave comments anywhere on the site, so you can make edits fast and get the job done.

Custom Branding

Create a branded experience from the first client touchpoint to handover. Remove Wix ads and keep your brand consistent by adding your logo to your dashboard and in-progress work.

Client Billing

Bill clients monthly or send one-time invoices right from your dashboard. Decide how much to charge for their Premium Plan and domain and get paid directly to your bank account.

Web designer’s profile in the Wix Marketplace.

Generate qualified

Join our online marketplace and get hired by Wix users to design, develop and market their websites. We’ll match you with the most qualified leads.

Start earning revenue share

Earn 50% revenue share on specific yearly plans as you grow your client base, so you can invest back in your business. Once you reach Legend level, access exclusive 20% rev share benefits on select Premium websites you create.

Partner’s revenue share earnings inside Dashboard.
Two members of the Wix Studio Community smiling at a meetup event

Scale your agency as a Partner

Access Partner Success Team

Gain exclusive access to our Partner Success Team. Work with our experts to win more projects, convert qualified leads and work more efficiently.

Enjoy priority support

Have your questions answered first. Our priority support team is here to help you and your clients 24/7.

Experience seamless collaboration

Assign permissions to anyone you’d like and work in sync on multiple sites with Team Management.

How the Partner Program works


Join the Partner Program as a freelancer, designer or digital agency.


Earn points for every client website you build on Wix and Wix Studio.


Unlock exclusive benefits and resources to scale your business.

Join the community

Make connections, discover opportunities among like-minded Wix creators worldwide and shape the future of the platform together.

Partner with us

Join our free Partner Program today and scale your agency.

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