Staffing Agencies: What You Should Know As A Job Seeker

In today’s world companies are using a staffing agency to find them the right person. Companies use these agencies to weed out those that do not fit the position. It saves them time and money in the long run.

It is more than likely that you will end up working for an employment agency somewhere along your career. If you are a beginner,  there are things you should know.

1. What an employment agency is
2. Benefits of using an employment agency
3. How to have a good relationship with the agency

Employment agencies go by many names. Temporary agencies, Unemployment agencies, staffing agencies, and recruiting agencies are all employment agencies. They all do the same thing match companies with the correct worker. A Dallas it staffing agency is just one type of company / agency that can facilitate this type of service.

There are three different fields that the agencies specialize in, these are

1. Temporary services
2. Personnel placement
3. Executive recruitment

Personnel placement is the one most people think of when they think of employment agencies. They place workers in such positions as factory workers, receptionists, and secretarial positions. The executive positions are those in upper management.

The goal of the employment agencies is to place the best person in the position whether it is permanent or temporary, The agency receives a contract from a company needing an employee for a certain position. They advertise the position. Once they receive applications, they set up interviews. The agency will do the first interview after which they will send you to an interview with the company.

Once hired if it is temporary they will let you know how long they expect it to last. There are two different ways they place a person into a permanent position. One is the company has paid the agency fee for a direct hire. The other is that the employee works for a certain amount of time on the agencies payroll after which they are transferred to the company as a permanent employee.

Agencies help the job seeker to find a position that fits their resume. Once you have registered with the agency,  it is important that you stay in touch. The agency needs to know you are want to go to work. The agency will help you create a resume which is up to date, They will work with you on interviewing techniques. A job seeker should take advantage of what the agency has to offer.

Be prepared when you go to the interview. Do your research on the company you are interviewing with. Dress for the position and go to your interview at least ten minutes early. The day before the interview is a good time to check out where the company is so you do not waste time by getting lost.-

After the interview, the agency will get a report from the interviewer. Take this information and work on the techniques you were lacking in.  The agency will find you the best position suited to your needs.

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